DVA LogoThanks for Registering!! We are  looking forward to seeing you on  the Monday of your week about  8:45 AM!


We hope you’re as excited about spending a week with us as we are. Below are listed a few details you’ll need to be aware of to make your week more enjoyable. A sample itinerary is provided on the reverse side of this sheet.

RENDEZVOUS – Every morning and every afternoon, we meet at THE VIRGINIA BEACH VISITORS’ CENTER, across Route 264 from the Virginia Beach Pavilion (at the East end of Route 264, between the East and West-bound lanes). You will hardly exit the expressway! At the traffic light at the East end of Route 264, on Parks Avenue, take a left, take the next left into the parking lot of the VIRGINIA BEACH VISITORS’ CENTER. You are there! We depart at 9 AM (you need to be there at 8:45 AM) and return at 4 PM, every day. We “aim” for 4 PM, please don’t be late!
PARKING – Please park ONLY in designated parking spaces, not in the “drive area” circling the building. The management of the center feels strongly about blocking the free flow of traffic “around” the building. Thanks.

LUNCH: You need to pack a lunch! (For example, I usually pack one chicken liver and onion sandwich (on pumpernickel toast), 14 pieces of cubed watermelon and four dill-pickled earthworms (for desert). A “heavy” lunch makes for a long afternoon. Pack fruit!

SNACK – We will provide a light snack, usually fresh fruit.

WATER – MUST BRING A WATER BOTTLE! (A “used” Gatorade or other, 500 mL water bottle is perfect (not too big). Put it in the freezer overnight for cold water.) We will refill your small, easily carried bottle as many times as you want, but YOU NEED A WATER BOTTLE!)

CLOTHES - Wear shorts or bathing suit, tee shirt and a HAT! Girls, wear your bathing suit under a pair of shorts with a tee shirt on top, plus HAT!
Shoes -you will need to walk in knee-deep water without cutting your feet on rocks, stumps, oyster shells or whatever debris.1st choice – WELL BROKEN-IN (NOT NEW) “walking sandals” (straps around the heel - no “flip flops”,) AND tennis shoes.
Bring an extra tee shirt and a towel – we will not spend time “changing clothes” every time you get wet (and we WILL get wet frequently)!
Rain gear – inexpensive, K Mart/Target type, poncho works great

SUNSCREEN & INSECT REPELLENT – If you really want it, but you choose the brand and apply it to yourself

BACKPACK – to carry all of the above –having all your “stuff “in one bag is convenient and efficient.

SMILES – MANDATORY & ESSENTIAL! If you need anything or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 721 9668, FAX 757 721 9668 or Email Register Here (If you have not registered yet.).PRINT a copy of this Ready to Go information and a SAMPLE ITINERARY - Remember, we have to reserve the right to substitute activities.

Thanks again,
Mr. Bob