A Beautiful Friday on Martin’s Farm/Vineyard; Apples are Ripe!!! A Quick Tour of Mackay’s Island National Wildlife Refuge, looking for Snakes, Turtles, Egrets and such, Picnicking at Munden Point, Ice Cream at Cullipher’s Farm and a dip in the BIG POND!!! DVA16822-120See All of Today’s Pics at:Today’s Photos

A Great Day at West Landing; Kayaking and Fishing, followed by a super Picnic and the BOB CAT HIKE at Northwest River Park!!! See All of Today’s Pics at: DVA16822-124Today’s Photos

Fabulous, Fun, Frolic in FALSE CAPE STATE PARK!!! Hiking through the Dunes, “Shelling” on the Beach, a quick dip in the BIG POND, Picnicking over the Back Bay, Seining IN the Bay and a WATERMELON BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! See All of our Pics at: DVA16822-102Today’s Photos

Beautiful Day at Munden Point; Kayaking, Fishing and Picnicking. We followed up with Orienteering, Map Reading and Slacklining. See All of Today’s Pics at: DVA16822-39Today’s Photos

Another Beautiful Day at FIRST LANDING STATE PARK!!! Crabbing, Kayaking, Picnicking, Snake and Turtle spotting and a Swim in THE Bay!!!  See All of Today’s Pics at: DVA16822-18Today’s Photos

Another Friday morning on Martin’s Farm; Peaches, Apples and a beautiful view of the Sound!! Picnicking at Munden Point, followed with a few GEOCACHE’S. Then a quick stop at CULLIPHER’S FARM for some outstanding ICE CREAM. And we topped off the day with a SWIM in the BIG POND!!! See All of Today’s Pics at: DVA16815-102Today’s Photos

At West Landing Marina; Fish, Fish, Fish, Kayaking and FUN!!! Then off to Northwest River Park and Picnicking, Hiking and Ice Cold Watermelon!!! See All of today;s Pics at: DVA16815-97Today’s Photos

Crabbing, Kayaking, Picnicking, Hiking, Snake and Turtle “stalking” and NO RAIN!!! First Landing State Park  DVA16815-64See All of Today’s Pics at:Today’s Photos

Great Tuesday: Orienteering/Map Reading, Slackl Lining, Zip Lining, Picnicking, Kayaking, Fishing, a quick dip in the Creek, and Ice Cold Watermelon!!!!! DVA16815-47See All of Today’s Pics at: Today’s Photos

The beach was ALIVE with bait fish, dolphins, pompano, pelicans; it was almost exciting!!! Shelling was great as was the hiking, picnicking and seine netting in Back Bay!!!  DVA16815-13See All o Today’s Pics at:Today’s Photos