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 Custom Adventures for YOU!!

Remember, we can customize any of our Kayak Trips by changing locations, looking for geocaches, looking for interesting photos, and even fishing. We also have two SPECIAL TRIPS!!

>li>Back Bay - False Cape Boat Trip  Great for Photographers, Fishermen and Adventurers. We will tour Back Bay and Cedar Island, and spend some time in the Dunes and "Shelling" on the Beach at FALSE CAPE . This is a Half-Day Trip, limited 4 Adults or with Kids on board, the weight limit is 1 000 pounds. $300 per 1/2 Day

North Landing - West Neck Creek Boat Trip
Photographers love this one with a good possibility of photographing EAGLES and OSPREY. The FISHING can be excellent, many GEOCAChES in the area and even some interesting LOCAL HISTORY. This is a Half-Day Trip, limited to 4 aduls or with Kids on board the weight limit is 1 000 pounds. $300 per 1/2 Day

As usual, we can change things around to suit YOU! Just complete the form on the right and we will TALK!  KIDS ARE WELCOME!!!

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