Month: July 2016

Fridays and Fresh Fruit!!! Fantastic Peaches at Martin’s Fram and Beautiful Blueberries at Pungo Blueberries!! You need to Visit Both of These Great Farms!!!  See All of Today’s Pics at: DVA16725-112This Week’s Pictures

We caught a TON of FISH, had a great time kayaking, a super picnic and we all SURVIVED the BOBCAT Trail!!!! Plus some Ice-cold Watermelon.

See All of Today’s Pics at: DVA16725-76Today’s Photos

Another great day at False Cape State Park. A big thanks to the Park staff, all the way up to the Park Manager! They really put forth a great effort to insure that OUR DAY went well. Hiking, Shelling, Swimming, Picnicking and Seining in Back Bay!!  See All of Today’s Pics at: DVA16725-64Today’s Photos

Map Reading, Orienteering, Slack Lining, Zip Lining, Fishing and Kayaking, with a Picnic in the Middle!! A Little Warm, but with a dip in the Creek, we made it!!   See All of our Pictures at:

DVA16725-38Today’s Photos

Sweet Peaches from Martin’s Farm, some “Gost” games in the shade, a couple of Geocaches, Picnicking, Blueberries from Pungo Blueberries AND a Swim in the “Big Pond”; Perfect way to end the Week!!  See all of This Week’s Photos at: DVA16718-118This Week’s Pictures

Fishing (53) and Kayaking at West Neck Marina, Picnicking and Hiking at Northwest River Park. Wonderful Day!!!  See All of Today’s Photos at: DVA16718-75-2Today’s Photos

We spent another Tuesday at beautiful False Cape State Park; Hiking, Beaching, Shelling, Swimming, Picnicking and Seine Netting in Back Bay!!! Great Day!!

See All of Today’s Photos at: DVA16718-68-2Today’s Photos

Another wonderful day at First Landing State Park. Crabbing, Kayaking, 123 Minnows, Hiking and and Swim in the Bay!!!  See All of Today’s photos at:DVA16178-20Today’s Photos